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The e-collar training tool online is very important in order to train your bird dog in the field. The e-collar training tool online can control your dog when a specific command must be obeyed. During training you can signal your dog with one signal to go no further and with 2 signals to return back to their handler. The intensity level must be determined in order to get the proper response from your dog.

Once your dog understands the signals from the e-collar you can reduce the intensity level slowly. The eventual goal is not to need the e-collar for training. Your dog should be able to find and hold point on the bird. Allow the handler to flush the bird while the dog holds his ground. Once the bird is shot your dog can be sent to fetch the bird.  The bird must be returned handler’s hand without damaging the bird.

Your dog must also honor their running mate when they are on point.  Allowing  their running mate to return their bird to their handler.   The e-collar can also be used for this purpose.