Dog Food

Dog Food containing the proper ingredients is necessary in order that your dog gets the proper nutrition and vitamins for their health. There are many brands of dog foods. There are brands to control weight. Brands for dog allergies. Some to help a dog gain weight. There are very expensive brandsĀ  and those that are not very expensive. It takes a great deal of study to determine which brand is best for your dog. Just because a brand is very expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best food for your dog. Find a brand with good ingredients and proper nutrition with good vitamins that your dog really enjoys. Then stay with that brand unless your vet recommends another brand for a particular reason. Vets sometime recommend a particular brand of food because your dog has allergies or needs to loose weight. There are other reasons a vet may recommend a particular brand of food. Our vet recommended a particular brand because our dog has allergies. It’s expensive but his allergies are clearing up. Our dogs are precious to us, part of the family, the expense is well worth it!