Dog Grooming

Dog grooming for those performing in conformation shows is required.  Washing your dog is the first step involved. Scissors and clippers are used to properly shape your dog. Besides those tools, strippers are used to remove unwanted hair. Blow dryers to completely dry your dog are of upmost importance.

Grooming your dog for conformation shows is an art. It is therefore best to consult with professional handlers on the proper methods to use. Besides consulting with a handler, purchasing high quality equipment is a must.

The proper dog methods come with practice. Therefore, trying different types of cuts to achieve the style you want is a must. Shampoos and conditioners of high quality and therefore necessary. Use a high quality blow dryer to completely dry your dog.

There are many books with methods to use. Read up on the methods and practice until it is perfected. This also applies to all dogs, even those not in the conformation world.