Coat Sprays

Coat sprays are very important for long haired dogs, such as a setter, in order to protect them in the field from burrs. If your long haired dog gets a great deal of burrs while in the field it will take hours of patient work to remove them. If you have a field dog that also is in conformation, as I do, you must make sure that all most of the burrs are removed very patiently in order protect their hair.

Coat sprays can do a very good job of minimizing the amount of burrs that will get into your long haired dog’s hair. Cutting hair to remove the burrs is not really desirable. It will not make your dog look like the breed it represents.

We carry various coat sprays that can minimize the amount of burrs your dog will get when field training or actually hunting. Please visit our website to see the various items we have available.