Dog Leashes, Leads and Harnesses

Dog leashes, leads and harnesses come in a variety of sizes and colors. Pick out a good dog leash for your dog. It is probably best to check out the ordinance in your area regarding the maximum length allowed. Many areas only allow six foot length. Pick out a leather lease with high quality leather because this will last you many years. There are also leases made o cloth that come in various colors. For that reason choose a color and length that appeals to you and matches well with your dog.

Leads are used mainly for show conformation. These leads also come in various lengths and are made of various materials. Some of these leads can be used alone while others require a choker chain to be attached. These leads are necessary to properly show your dog in the conformation ring.

Finally the last item out of dog leashes, leads and harnesses are harnesses. Harnesses are important for dogs that pull while being walked. The proper size harness is of upmost importance. Have someone assist you in finding the correct size for your dog. Again, there are many colors and materials use to construct harnesses.