Dog Health

Dog health is the of the most importance. Dog health must be maintained in a proper diet for your dog. Providing high quality foods and a balance of vegetables, meats and fish is very important. Furthermore, scheduled meals times should be maintained. Your dog will appreciate the set times. Also, maintain proper inoculations at the proper times. At least an annual examination by your veterinarian. So see the vet when your dog is having any type of issues.

Also, proper exercise and play time.  A daily walk at a specific time each day has your dog looking forward to that walk. That’s a great time for taking care of their business. Treats are fine but should be at a minimum.  Likewise manage your dog’s proper weight. Regular grooming, trimming their nails, bathing them and brushing and combing their hair. Strip their hair to get some of the undercoat hair out.

Finally a healthy dog is a happy dog!