Brushes, Combs and Scissors

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Brushes, combs and scissors are available in many varieties. Most importantly, you must purchase the right brushes, combs and scissors for grooming. Above all, inexpensive brushes. combs and scissor products are not desirable. Purchase high quality products for high quality results. Hence high quality combs are necessary to properly remove knots and tangles. Combs of various sizes are therefore necessary.

Quality brushes will consequently give you excellent results. Purchase the correct brush for your dog’s hair. You may want to purchase both a soft and coarse brush.

Scissors are very important. You will require thinning shears. straight and also curved scissors. Thinning shears are used to thin the hair but not remove it. Straight shears are used to completely remove hair such as around the paws, ears and neck. Curved are used for the paw pads because they won’t cut the paws themselves. Get the ones with the rounded ends for even more safety.