Featured Products

Welcome to “Direct Dog Products”. A dog is an owner’s best friend and a companion for the entire family. We have been dog owners our entire life. We want nothing but the best for them so that they have a happy and heathy life. We will do everything possible to make this so. 
Great care has been taken in order to provide your companion with the highest quality and variety of products. We provide food and dietary products for their health and well being, beds and crates for their comfort and toys for their play. Also, treats because they too need to be spoiled.
We provide many categories of quality products such as the following:
I. Food and supplements products.
II. Grooming and maintenance products.
III. Crates and ex-pens.
IV. Field training equipment.
V. Leashes, leads and nooses.
VI. Beds, pads and  bowls.
These are among many of our products but not limited to them.
We make shopping for your dogs easy and fast. At our website: www.directdogproducts.com  we have a great variety of products to satisfy all your dogs’ needs. We sell our products at fair pricing with excellent service.We stock our products for immediate shipment and your satisfaction in mind.
Let’s keep your dog healthy and comfortable because they deserve the best care we can give them!