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Raw dog food is fed to dogs because of the benefits of this type of feeding. It promotes a better coat and stronger bone structure.

Raw food like wild game duck, lamb, wild boar and rabbit can be fed to your dogs. It is best to begin feeding your dog a raw diet when they are a puppy. If you begin this early in their life they will not experience stomach problems.

Feeding this food to your dogs benefits them by growing a better coat and a stronger bone structure. It’s important that this feeding process begins when your dog is a puppy to avoid any stomach problems. Once a puppy’s stomach is accustomed to this food there should be no problem as they grow to be an adult.

This food should be grade A meats to ensure that your dog has no problems consuming it. Make sure it is purchased at a quality grocery store. Do not keep it in the refrigerator for more than a few days before feeding your dog. Your can separate these meats into meal portions and freeze them. Then you can pull out what you need to feed your dog for the day and defrost them.