Hair Dryers

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Hair dryers are the key for proper dog grooming. Above all, purchase the best one for you. There are various brands available. Large hair dryers usually have a great deal of power. Compact ones can be easily transported. Purchase one of high quality because proper grooming is so important.

Completely dry your dog after bathing. Above all, your dog should be bone dry. It will be much easier to groom you dog if bone dry. Time to dry may be lengthy, however, it will be much easier to groom. Dryers have speed controls which assist in drying your dog. Use high speed for your dog’s body and lower speed for the head and ears.

Use a brush when drying your dog. Push the hair in the direction that will maintain a smooth coat. Once you have completely dried your dog you can touch up specific spots. This can be done with concentrating your hair dryer on these areas.