Iconic Pet Pawings Transport Pet Crate



Product Summary:

Iconic Pet Pawings Transport Crate

The Pawings Transport Crate is a fine product that meets your expectation for a stylish, safe and easily transportable carrier. The product can be used for the pet at home and also while traveling. It is always imperative that the Pet Carrier meets certain airline norms and at the same time provides your pet with utmost comfort and safety during the travel. The Pawings Transport Crate from Iconic Pet meets all the criteria mentioned above and gives you peace of mind while traveling.  Iconic Pet offers a safe and stylish way for your pet to travel. The Pawings Transport Crate is compact and pet friendly option for managing pets when on an airplane or while traveling.  This product is equally appreciated by pet parents as well as the pets themselves.  Made from environment friendly material the carrier offers enough room and good ventilation while traveling. There is a mesh window on three sides and the metal wire mesh door not only gives good visibility but also provides extra ventilation for your pet. The product is well designed and made of solid materials that ensure durability. The best part is that it is modular in nature and can be easily assembled with its snap lock mechanism. The snap locks are provided on the sides and they lock the two halves in a perfect and safe manner. The post-processing of the finished product ensures that there are no sharp edges and the carrier does not hurt your beloved pet in any manner. The mesh door can be locked for extra safety. The pet carrier comes in three sizes that will suit a large variety of pets of different sizes and hence can be used universally.

Made of high quality PP material
Solid and long lasting design
Easy assembly and lockable halves
Designed for 360 ventilation
Lockable wire mesh door
Edges post-processed for smoothness

Item Specifications:
Small Dimensions: 19×12.6×10
Medium Dimensions: 23×15.5×13
Large Dimensions: 26.7x19x16

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs



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