There are so many choices where you and your dog can connect. You can do agility, field work, confirmation, lure coursing, canine good citizen carting, dock diving, fly ball, tracking, herding, obedience, barn hunt, rally, scent work, sled dog, therapy dog, trick dog, utility dog, This is in alphabet order because there are so many possibilities you can do with your dog. These activities can be found at AKC.org.

If noneĀ  of these are possible you can always do things from home. A dog loves to have his mind Challenged. You can play “go find”. Hide small treats in a room. Teach him the first time where the treats are by saying “go find”, when they find them. They learn very quick. Make sure they are small treats, don’t want them gaining wait. Teach them their directions; north, south, east, west, back and forward, left and right. If they are caught in a bad situation, directions help them find their way. They get stuck on the wrong side of the road, pond or any area. There are puzzles you can purchase that keep their mind active.

To learn about other activities you can do at home just go to the web. another activity you can do with your fur baby is take them for a walk. Let them smell their smells, meet the neighbors and learn where they live. They love to strut their stuff and show off to the world. You also want to show them off. Who wouldn’t!

But the bestĀ  thing you can do with your dog is show them love. After a long day, a good tummy rub or back scratch shows them that you will be there for them, always have fun and don’t forget to give them a big kiss and hug!!

Raising a dog is like a rainbow:

Puppies are the joy at one end.

Old dogs are the treasure at the other.