Summertime and the living is easy. And you can make it wonderful with your dogs. A lot of traveling is done in the summer. If you don’t have a crate make sure you dog is hooked up properly in the back seat. Short attachments can be connected to the seat belt so your dog can’t roam around in the car. Can’t have him jumping up on you while you’re driving. You should only have the windows half way down with the child lock set. Would hate to see an accident because your dog decides he’d rather be outside than inside.
Going to the park can be exactly what your dog needs for exercise. But really know the park. Walk the park before bringing your dog. When walking the park make sure there is not a section where your dog can run thru and run free. A broken fence perhaps? Ask others what they think about the park. Any dogs to be aware of? Make sure you don’t let your dog run with a lease attached. You might think that you can grab him easier but the lease can catch on something and he can be hurt. Make sure you bring plenty of water for the two of you. We should share but water at the park is not the right place. Your dog doesn’t want to catch anything. A cooling coat might be perfect to put on the dog while walking back to the car. Cool it before you leave and keep it in a small cooler that you can carry.
Good idea to remind the kids to close the gate. I’m sure you will say it 100 times over the summer. Better safe than sorry. Make sure your BBQ is far enough from the play area. Also watch over your fire pit. Better safe than sorry.
Have a safe summer and enjoy. Praise your dog when he does well and laugh when he is silly.
My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog 
already thinks I am.