6-Pole Practice Weaves w/Fixed Poles



Practice Weave Poles with FIXED poles

Agility trainers agree….The weaves are the hardest for your dog to master, so it is essential to have a set at home.  Here is an affordable practice set that can be used indoors or out. The poles are 36″ tall and evenly spaced apart at a standard distance of 24″ (same distance used for all size dogs).  Comes with free decorative tape for the poles, and easy assembly instructions. You will receive a connector piece with each set of 6 Weave Poles that will enable you to make a set of 12 Weave Poles (just buy two 6 pole sets and they will connect).

These weaves can also be used in the popular 2×2 training method by removing two base pieces. Click Here to see how.

Optional: Add-on Wire Guides can help with training beginner dogs. They clip onto the poles to provide a pathway for your dog to weave.  As your dog progresses, simply slide the wires higher out of your dog’s line of sight, and eventually you can remove them.


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Weight 10 lbs


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