Spring has sprung. Time to let the dogs out. But hold on. We  have to be careful. All the little creatures come out and have a field day, insect bites or stings. Environmental substances like mold, pollen and such.
When enjoying your new found freedom with your dog beware of him itching. Be sure to check out their limbs, ears, armpits, face and rear for irritated skin. Facial swelling might be a result of hives or insect bites. If you are feeling uncomfortable with any changing body parts, read up on the symptoms or take your dog to the vets. Better safe than sorry. Spring is a beautiful time of year but we must be careful.
Green paws, that’s ok, they won’t be green for long. But is your dog allergic to grass? Another example to look up or visit the vet. Grass should be kept short so cutting it once a week would be good. Wash their paws and get in-between their toes. 
Spring also brings……..clean up time. All those little brown bundles that were left in the frozen tundra will be brought into the house on their paws.Yuk! Branches, fallen tree limbs and twigs need to be disposed of. We burn ours in the outdoor fire pit. And pick up all that flying garbage that happened to end up in your yard. Gates working ok? Hate to see Spot run out into the street & get hurt for the summer.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Nothing better than being in the great outdoors with our dogs. Fresh air does us all good.
When a dog barks and wags it’s tail at the same time, 
how do you know which one to believe?