Love is what we have for our dogs. As a human we get what we call puppy love. As a young person, we see that cute guy or a pretty girl our stomach turns & our heart beats faster! Oh, to be young again.
How do you feel when you see the perfect puppy? Your stomach turns & your heart beats faster. You go to your knees and hope that, that one puppy will come to you and sit on your feet. Yes, a match made in heaven, no better feeling. You pick him up and he melts into your body. You know this pup is the one!
Your first words are, “I Love You, let’s go home”. On your way home you are wondering if you bought everything you need. With the wee one safely strapped in or in a crate in the back of the vehicle, safely strapped, your mind begins to wander. Did I get everything I need? The right dog food, water bowls, food bowls, collars, name tag, ex-pens for inside & outside. Toys, safe ones of course. Puppy training treats & regular treats. Beds, nice & soft, fit for a puppy. A crate to sleep in and stay in when you have to run out. Nice soft crate pad for both the vehicle and home crates. Blankets, blankets & more blankets. Some being used as others are being washed. Lets see….oh yes, was the 1st Vet appointment made? Puppy classes? Ok, not yet. They have to be four months old with all their shots, Time flies so don’t forget.
This is going to be a big adjustment for you if this is your first puppy. Take a deep breath & relax! This is a heart warming experience that you will never forget. When those puppy eyes lock into your eyes you will be experiencing puppy love!
A Lover will give you a Kiss.
A friend will give you a Hug.
But a dog will give you their Heart!